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Turn Up the Heat With 25% Off Fly by Jing’s Superbly Spicy Condiments

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Turn Up the Heat With 25% Off Fly by Jing's Superbly Spicy Condiments thumbnail

Another year older often means another year wiser, or in this specific case, but in this case, we think 2023 will be spicier. We’re gonna cut to the chase—our buds over at Fly by Jing just unleashed its annual Birthday Sale to celebrate four years of being an absolute boss in the condiment and dumpling industry. Snag its culinary treasures for up 25% off through March 3 to celebrate the bonanza with a feast. Who says you can’t stick a candle in a soup dumpling and make a wish???

Fly by Jing

Soup Dumpling Starter Pack

$90$79.20 at Fly By Jing

The truth is, no one really has the willpower to just buy one single thing, but you can’t feel guilty about shopping when you can cop bundles and sets for a bargain. Turn up the heat with the Triple Threat Set for 20% off, which is a best-selling trio of the brand’s “addictive Sichuan sauces.” Of course it includes its OG totally hawt Sichuan Chile Crisp, in addition to Zhong Sauce (a sweet, tangy, spicy and umami-rich sauce) and Mala Spice Mix (a potent mix of 11 herbs and spices). With a 4.9-star rating and over 3,000 reviews, these flavor bombs have become big-time cult faves. There’s also a mini version of the set if you want to take these sauces for a test drive.

Fly by Jing

Shorty Spice Set

$25$18.75 at Fly By Jing

Perhaps you already know you love this stuff, so we give you permission to buy these colossal XXL 16-ounce jars for 25% off and go nuclear on your morning eggs or noodle bowl. The jars go by the names “big boi” and “king”—we’re already won over. 

If you’ve been a long-time fan of the brand, let your grocery store know about it with this shoppable tote for 25% off that will fit all your upcoming potluck essentials. Fly by Jing says it’s in super-limited stock, so hurry and smash that click button if you want to score one. Also, don’t forget the “saucy” socks for 10% off.

Remember, the sale is only until March 3. Just make sure to have some milk handy.

Shop the entire Fly by Jing BIrthday Sale here.

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