F1 Australian Grand Prix Live Stream: Watch the race for free

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The Formula 1 74th World Championship is back this weekend with the Australian Grand Prix, with Red Bull’s Max Verstappen on pole, followed Mercedes’ George Russel and Lewis Hamilton. The race is being broadcast through ESPN2 here in the United States, but there are other options available though for people traveling abroad and tuning in from other countries, including a free Australian Grand Prix live stream. Here’s everything you need to know about today’s F1 live stream and some tips on how you can watch Formula 1 for free.

Watch the free F1 Australian Grand Prix live stream

A pack of cars racing in Formula 1: Drive to Survive.

The Australian Grand Prix is being aired for free in Austria and Luxembourg. This is great news for those in the countries, but devastating for residents traveling abroad who want to watch the action unfold live in their local language — especially when it’s free to watch at home. It’s only fitting that an Austrian currently in the United States would want to watch the race in Austrian and not English, right? This is completely safe (and legal) to do with a VPN.

Just install it, choose the location you wish to connect to, then fire up the broadcast. The free streams are ORF in Austria and RTL Zwee in Luxembourg.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a free F1 live stream for residents of other countries. Elsewhere, folks will need to tune in through a local broadcast partner. The race is available on ESPN in the United States, and the best way to tune in is on ESPN through fuboTV, which offers a one-week free trial to new customers, so you can watch the Australian Grand Prix for free if it’s your first time taking the service for a spin.  There are some other options available as well.

Watch the F1 Australian Grand Prix live stream on FuboTV

FuboTV app icon on Apple TV.
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FuboTV is our go-to recommendation for watching the Australian Grand Prix and its practices. There are two reasons for that. The first is that FuboTV Pro, the basic option, comes with all three ESPN channels, so you can watch the entire Australian Grand Prix and its practices. The second is that there is a weeklong FuboTV free trial, so if you haven’t had an account before and you time it right, you can watch all of the Formula 1 races this week for free. After your free trial you’ll pay $75 per month for 156 live TV channels.

Watch the F1 Australian Grand Prix live stream on Sling TV

Sling TV streaming app.

Sling TV has two options for cable packages: Sling TV Orange and Sling TV Blue. They split them up so you can better customize what channels you want and not have to pay for channels you never use. The Sling TV Orange package has ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN3, so you’ll be able to watch all of the practices live. There isn’t a Sling TV free trial right now, but you’ll only pay $20 for your first month. After that it jumps to $40 per month.

Watch the F1 Australian Grand Prix live stream on Hulu with Live TV

Hulu app icon on Roku.
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Hulu with Live TV also has ESPN2 and ESPN3. Although there isn’t a Hulu with Live TV free trial, there are some other reasons you might want to opt for Hulu. If you love the regular Hulu app and Disney+, you can bundle them with a Hulu with Live TV subscription to save some money. A subscription costs $70 per month and gives you access to over 100 channels.

Watch the F1 Australian Grand Prix live stream on YouTube with Live TV

A person pointing a remote towards a TV with YouTube running.

Another option for watch ESPN2 and ESPN3 is YouTube TV. This is another great option if you’ve never tried it before, since you can sign up for a YouTube TV free trial and watch all of the Formula 1 races and practices without paying a dime. If you decide you like the service, it normally costs $73 per month for over 100 live TV channels, but your first month will be discounted to $63.

Watch the F1 Australian Grand Prix live stream from abroad with a VPN

NordVPN company name and logo, blue mountain peaks against a white circle on a blue background.

There are a lot of other streaming services across the world that are broadcasting Formula 1. However, if you normally live in the U.S. and want to subscribe to something you can use when you get home, or you just want to take advantage of one of the free trial above, we have an easy solution. Just subscribe to one of the best VPNs for streaming, connect to a U.S. server, then get any of the services listed above. We think NordVPN is the best VPN for this. Right now you can get a two-year subscription for the equivalent of $6.69 thanks to a 59% discount.

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FuboTV is our recommendation for watching Luxembourg vs Portugal. That’s because of two big reasons. The first is that FuboTV has access to all the channels that broadcast UEFA games, including some special Fubo-exclusive matches. If you’re planning on watching all of the UEFA Qualifying games, you should get FuboTV. The second reason is that there is a FuboTV free trial, so you can watch the game with no money down.

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We recommend FuboTV for watching Malta vs Italy this weekend. They own the rights to stream every channels that is broadcasting the European Qualifiers, so FuboTV is your only option for watching all of the matches — but there’s a better reason than that. There is a FuboTV free trial, meaning you can watch the match for free (if you’ve never been a FuboTV subscriber that is). After your weeklong trial is over, you’ll pay $75 per month for over 150 channels on the base plan.

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