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Bobby discovers the truth about Wendall in exclusive ‘9-1-1’ preview clip

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Bobby discovers the truth about Wendall in exclusive '9-1-1' preview clip thumbnail

9-1-1‘s Bobby discovers the truth about Wendall in fiery sneak peek clip

“Bobby certainly is out for vengeance,” Peter Krause says of his fire captain character, seen facing a blaze in an exclusive preview of season 6, episode 12, “Recovery.”

Patrick Gomez

On or off the clock, the first responders of 9-1-1 are no strangers to danger. This week, an off-duty Bobby (Peter Krause) will stare down a blaze as he attempts to solve the mystery of what happened to his sponsor.

Viewers were first introduced to Bobby’s sponsor, Wendall (Maurice J. Irvin), in the season 6 winter finale last November. The character hadn’t been mentioned previously, and many fans were left questioning why Bobby was so impacted by his unexpected death.

On Monday’s episode, Krause teases, 9-1-1 will explore Bobby and Wendall’s relationship through a series of flashbacks while Bobby attempts to team with Tamara (Diana Lu), who works at the rehab facility that seems to be connected to Wendall’s suspicious death, to uncover the truth about what happened to their friend.

“In this episode we see how important Wendall was in Bobby’s life, prior to this time, concerning his relationship moving forward with Athena,” Krause tells EW. “And also concerning Bobby accepting his past and finding a way to move forward to let go, as much as he can, of the guilt that he feels over the loss of his family. Wendall was a very impactful person in Bobby’s life, and so this suspicious death is something that’s very important for Bobby to solve.”

In a preview clip exclusive to EW, Bobby discovers a drugged Tamara and attempts to rescue her as the rehab facility burns to the ground. See it below.

“Bobby certainly is out for vengeance,” Krause says. “As much as he wants to prevent [another death at the rehab facility] from happening to somebody else, he’s there out of revenge. Justice and revenge.”

Back when the season 6 winter finale aired, showrunner Kristen Reidel explained the importance of Bobby’s relationship with Wendall.

“Bobby is in recovery and Bobby will always be in recovery,” she said. “It’s a huge part of his life and who he is as a person. It’s not the only thing, but it is a big chunk of it. And [Wendall’s death] felt like an interesting way to talk about that without Bobby falling off the wagon. Wendall was a very important part of the person that Bobby is now, and the life that he has now. In a lot of ways, Wendall didn’t just impact Bobby’s life, he impacted the family’s life — because Bobby had Wendall to turn to instead of turning to drugs or alcohol, and that made their life better.”

9-1-1 season 6, episode 12, “Recovery”, airs Monday at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.

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